2024 IoP Seminar Series: Chirality, Topology, and Magnetism in Quantum Systems

P7F Seminar Room (IoP Building)

P7F Seminar Room

IoP Building

(5F 1st Meeting Room on March 18th)
Chen-Hsuan Hsu (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

Welcome to the 2024 Institute of Physics (IoP) Seminar Series. The topics will be focusing on chirality, topology, and magnetism in various quantum material systems. This series will include four seminars presented by our visitors from Japan: 

  • Prof. Yusuke Kato, University of Tokyo
  • Prof. Jun-Ichiro Kishine, Open University
  • Prof. Hiroaki Kusunose, Meiji University 
  • Prof. Yoshihiko Togawa, Osaka Metropolitan university 

The event will be hosted at the IoP, Academia Sinica, Taiwan and is designed to facilitate direct, in-person interactions between attendees and speakers. There is no need for pre-registration to attend these seminars. 

In addition to the seminars, visitors will have the opportunity to engage in further discussions on additional days. For those interested in scheduling private discussions with any of the speakers, please contact Dr. Chen-Hsuan Hsu at chenhsuan[at]gate.sinica.edu.tw.