TIDC workshop on Future detector R&D for HEP

福容大飯店 福隆店 Fullon Hotels Fulong

福容大飯店 福隆店 Fullon Hotels Fulong

貢寮區 新北市
Yuan Hann Chang (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)

This workshop is an effort for local HEP experimentalists to follow the latest trend of R&D for detector and instrumentation. The European Committee for Future Accelerators (ECFA) has recently organized a panel to develop a roadmap for coordinated efforts to strengthen the existing R&D effort and create new ones to meet future experimental challenges of the HEP experiments beyond HL-LHC. Nine Task forces were formed to address different R&D issues. A series of symposia were organized by the Task forces to collect information from experts around the world. These symposia represent good opportunities for us to learn the future hardware R&D in high energy physics. Members of the Taiwan Instrumentation and Detector center (TIDC) have volunteered to attend the symposia and prepared summary reports that will be presented in this workshop. Everybody is welcome to attend the presentations, and join the forum discussion to develop our own R&D roadmap in Taiwan.

Organized by

Emily Hsi 奚菱遙