Apr 16 – 20, 2024
National Museum of Natural Science
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Searching for Circularly Polarized SGWB and Investigating Kinematic-Dipole Effects

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National Museum of Natural Science

National Museum of Natural Science

No.1, Guanqian Rd., North Dist., Taichung City 404023, Taiwan


Ms Sevgi Karadağ (Academia Sinica & Istanbul Technical University)


It is predicted by a class of inflationary models that the Universe could have a stochastic gravitational waves background (SGWB) with a circular polarization. The possibility of detecting and characterizing the circular polarization of the SGWB, which is a collection of gravitational waves (GWs) consisting of signals too faint to be resolved individually, and investigating the dipole anisotropies of the SGWB signal, offer a great opportunity to enrich GW astronomy studies. Based on these motivations, our project focuses on developing a pipeline to simulate and analyze the signatures of circularly polarized SGWB in observational data and performing parameter estimation on the energy density parameter $Ω_{GW}$ and polarization parameter Π of the GW spectrum. It is also of great importance to observe how these parameters change when we take the dipole components caused by the Doppler-boost effects into account. Consequently, we aim to advance our understanding of circularly polarized SGWB and its cosmological implications in GW astronomy through parameter estimation and to evaluate the importance of kinematic dipole anisotropies.

Primary author

Ms Sevgi Karadağ (Academia Sinica & Istanbul Technical University)


Mr Chia-Hsuan Hsiang (Tamkang University) Prof. Guo Chin Liu (Tamkang University) Henry Wong (Academia Sinica) Prof. Kin-Wang Ng (Academia Sinica)

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