Apr 16 – 20, 2024
National Museum of Natural Science
Asia/Taipei timezone

Exhibition in NMNS: Gravity Realm

Exhibition in NMNS: Gravity Realm

Website: https://web3.nmns.edu.tw/Exhibits/112/the-gravity-realm/index.html

Guide Service: 

Guide services are available every day during the opening date at 11:00 and 15:00.

During KIW-11, you can join the Exhibition, as well as the guided tour, for feel.

The National Museum of Natural Science (國立自然科學博物館) is a national museum in Taichung, Taiwan, with annual visitors more than 3 millions. By combining Art and Science, this event will be the first national one to promote visibility for research activities conducted by local experts on GW and BH. 


The general public can explore the exciting field of GW and BH through the creation, sharing and dissemination of a variety of educational and outreach materials. We also make the Gravitational Lens camera, for visitors taking their own photon with a black hole placed as they wish. A “Singularity Theater” is also implemented in the exhibition, using Lidars to capture the motion of the visitors and instantaneously creating the black holes (as well as merging) at the place they stand.


Moreover, in the museum we also have an artwork created by the artist: Kang Muxiang, capturing the stage of two black-holes in merge.Kang Muxiang is a Taiwanese sculptor, who is well-known for creating environmentally friendly artwork with the steel cables that were previously used in the elevators in Taipei 101 building. This artwork, entitled “serenity”, is overall 5,800 kilograms in weight.