Apr 16 – 20, 2024
National Museum of Natural Science
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草悟散策 Itinerary Ideas

Saunter along Calligraphy Greenway

Setting off on a bicycle from the Hotel National. Follow the sylvan Calligraphy Greenway and experience the unique charm of the path. No need for a specific itinerary, just explore the distinctive shops and art exhibitions along the way.


Park Lane by CMP

Park Lane by CMP brings together innovative designer brands, curated fashion selections, and artistic creations. It also irregularly hosts forum salons, exhibition performances, and limited-time shops. Breaking away from the conventional impression of a shopping mall, it is not just a place for shopping but also a space for daily interactions, engagement, and drawing inspiration from everyday life.


Fantasy Story Green Ray

Fantasy Story Green Ray, located near Shenji New Village, brings together unique brands, stylish cultural and creative products, as well as various food and beverage options. It is an ideal place to slow down with friends and savor the details in a relaxed atmosphere.



Greenray Gallery

Facing Zhongxing Street, hidden beneath the green trees and red tiles, "Greenray gallery" is a small art exhibition space. The displayed works mainly consist of creations by Japanese artists, characterized by a hand-drawn style and a natural freshness. It is a perfect place for art enthusiasts who appreciate collecting and discovering unique and charming artworks.




National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

The exhibition primarily focuses on Taiwan's art history, featuring a diverse range of thematic exhibitions, solo exhibitions by seasoned artists, and a rich collection of artworks. It is a must-visit destination for art and culture enthusiasts.



Shenji New Village

As you wander through the area, you can see the traces of time left behind. In addition to the stylish and creative brands, there are frequent market events held here. The surrounding area is filled with numerous small shops, and as you casually stroll through the alleyways, there are always surprises waiting for you.



親子之旅 Journey for Family

Hold hands and stroll leisurely through Calligraphy Greenway together! Embark on your journey with a relaxing walk, exploring the wonders of natural science. Carry along delightful snacks and drinks, and enjoy the pleasure of a picnic under the shade of trees. Create joyful moments with your family, playing and exploring wherever you go.

Taichung Botanical Garden

Spread over 4.5 hectares, the Botanical Garden showcases a rich variety of ecological landscapes. The garden focuses on exhibiting the unique ecosystems of Taiwan's low-lying areas and tropical rainforests, boasting over 800 species of plants. Immerse yourself in the abundance of phytoncides and experience the beauty of nature in its full glory.




Taichung Sixth Market

Defy your conceptions of traditional markets! Tucked away in the Park Lane by Splendor is the Sixth Market, offering a wide range of fresh produce, dry goods, and groceries. You can leisurely stroll around, shop comfortably, and satisfy your appetite at the same time. The market is filled with various snack stalls, making it a perfect place for families to enjoy the pleasure of market exploration together.



Located on B1 of PARK2 Caowu Square, the popular “SPORT 2GO” playground offers a whole new sports experience. Here, children can enjoy playful activities while parents have fun as well! The facilities are designed to complement the surrounding restaurants and cafes, providing a convenient way to spend your free time.


Civic Square

As you gaze upon the scene, a vast expanse of greenery unfolds before your eyes. Whether families choose to sit on the ground, spread out a picnic blanket, blow bubbles, or frolic and run around, both children and parents can fully relax and enjoy their holiday moments. The park also hosts periodic market events on weekends, featuring street performers who bring captivating performances. Additionally, the annual Taichung Jazz Festival, a major event in October, is held here as well.



夜遊草悟 Night Tour along Calligraphy Greenway

After an exceptional day of exploration and adventure, the evening is the perfect time to slow down and unwind, allowing your body and mind to relax. Follow the enticing aroma of food and casually step into a restaurant or bar, indulging in delicious cuisine to heal and nourish your body and soul. Whether you are traveling alone or with companions, you can find the perfect pace for a night stroll at Calligraphy Greenway and savor the beauty of the holiday moments.


Calligraphy Greenway

Strolling along the Calligraphy Greenway on a pleasant evening is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in a sense of tranquility. Starting from the National Museum of Natural Science and the Park Lane by CMP, passing through the Civic Square and Caowu Square, and reaching the Art Museum Parkway, you can experience the city's vibrant pulse. It's like flowing through the city with the grace of cursive writing, finding your own balance in the peaceful yet lively atmosphere.



It gathers unique dining options, restaurants, bars, and cafes! It's a great place to gather and enjoy delicious food during the evening. The B1 outdoor plaza also hosts DJ nights from time to time! With the rhythm of the music, you can immerse yourself in a mellow atmosphere.

Mofan Market

Mofan Street has completely different appearances during the day and night. In the daytime, it's a bustling morning market filled with authentic breakfast options, snacks, and delicious restaurants. However, it's at night when Mofan Street truly comes alive. The bars, barbecue joints, Japanese curry restaurants, and more that only open in the evening are renowned for their delicious offerings! After a day-long journey, concluding it with the healing power of food on Mofan Street adds the perfect finishing touch.


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