The on-campus Guest House Center for Academic Activities ( labeled number 20 in  AS campus map ) is currently under renovation, scheduled to re-open only on June 1, 2023.

Considering what is available where we can reserve a block of 40 rooms in a hotel close-enough and continuously from May 23 till June 3, the default accommodation in this period for the PG2023 School and Meeting will be 

Hotel Green World (Songshan)
> Double Room from NT$3000/night (May 23-29; 7 evenings); NT$3800/night (May 30-June 3; 4 evenings). 
> Single Occupancy at NT$2700/night (May 23-29; 7 evenings) and NT$3500/night (May 30-June 3; 4 evenings).

*This is right next to a subway station and at an active part of town -1 km to Night Market and 2 km to Taipei 101. Public buses to the Academia Sinica take about 15 min.


                                                                       Hotel Green World (Songshan)


Hotels with discounts in the vicinity (15 min public transport) of Academia Sinica campus include:

     1. Hotel Green World (Nangang) : Double Room at NT$4000/night (May 23-30); NT$5000/night (May 30-June). Single Occupancy at the same rates.

     2. Dahu Park Hotel (Nangang) : Double Room from NT$3240/night

     3. Hotel The Place (Nangang): Double Room from NT$3500/night

     4. Hotel Courtyard Marriot: Double Room from NT$5600/night

There are much more accommodation option in Nangang District and Taipei City, some more economical. Participants can explore and make reservations on their own via the many popular hotel booking sites. 

** Excursions (tour buses) will start and end at the default hotel:: Hotel Green World (Songshan)

Accommodation arrangement for undergraduate research posting: 

It will be at  the  Center for Academic Activities in AS campus after it resumes its service. The details will be attended by the host individually with group representatives. The terms are:

Starting on Monday June 5.
Single-Occupancy Room:   NT$ 1100 per day
Shared Double Room:          NT$ 700 per person per day 




Selection of hotel and room type and duration and room-sharing partners among the given options can be made during registration. The local organizers will attend the reservations. Preference beyond the listed hotels and duration should be arranged by the participants.

Registration fee does NOT cover accommodation. Participants are requested to settle the charges with the hotels directly duration their duration of stay.

Participants are expected to arrange their transport to and from Academia Sinica campus for those staying at hotels external to the campus.