How to get from Airport to Hotel Greenworld Songshan

A) From Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (Airport Code: TPE):

Highly recommended to get an EasyCard for buses, Airport MRT and Taipei MRT. 

How to get and use an EasyCard.

There are multiple way to go to Green World hotel from Taoyuan international airport. 

The recommended choice are follow : 

1) By Taxi (expensive, less hassle):


Pros: fastest ~ 50 min (but could be > 1 hour depend on traffic). 

Cons: expensive ~ TWD1000-1500.

Note that, do not take the taxi offered by someone approach you before you arrive at taxi station, those are unlicensed taxi.

2) By Bus 1843 + Taipei MRT (bus is rare, switch transportation once, short walking distance):


Pros: less walking distance, switch transportation once, and cheap ~ TWD130. 

Cons: there are only 3 bus trips per days (9:10, 13:10, 17:10 (at terminal 1), + 2 min (at terminal 2)).

3) By Airport MRT + Taipei MRT (long walking distance, cheapest) :


Pros: cheap, ~ TWD100.

Cons: long walking distance inside Taipei Main station (~15 minutes). Whole trips took 1.5 hours, MRT from Taipei Main station is packed with passenger at 17:00-20:00 working days.

4) Airport MRT + High Speed Rail + Taipei MRT (recommended by Google)


Pros: less walking distance.

Cons: slightly more expensive, ~ TWD270, need to switch transportation twice, took 1.2 hours. 

5) Bus 1841 to Songshan Airport (~ 2 hours?)

The only reason to take this route is you plan to take the bus 1843 but miss the it, and too tired to walk back to take Airport MRT. Or you would like to have a glimpse of very unique Taiwanese cultural of Betel nut beauty (take the seat at right windows). 

Bus station is same place as bus 1843 (see instruction). After arrive at Songshan Airport (last station of bus 1841), follow the B) below to go to Green World Hotel.

This bus is ~30 minutes per trips from 3am to 11pm.

B) From Songshan Airport (Airport code: TSA):

1) By Taxi (~ TWD200-300) :

The taxi charges by meter. Show the address of the hotel in Chinese ( 在後山埤 捷運站 的 洛碁大飯店 松山館 Green World Hotel Songshan branch at Houshani MRT) to the taxi driver. Duration of the ride: about 30 minutes in moderate traffic.

2) By MRT :

Take Taipei MRT Wenhu Line(Brown Line) from "Songshan Airport Station" to "Nankang Exhibition Center Station"(the last stop) , from where you can take metro(Bannan Line) to "Houshanpi" station and exit via Gate No. 3 and take a walk of few minutes to the hotel.