How to get from Hotel Greenworld Songshan to AS

Highly recommended to get an EasyCard before taking bus or MRT (Metro). How to get and use an EasyCard.

It is recommended for the participants to download the taipei bus tracker app by yahoo:

Taipei Bus Tracker IOS
Taipei Bus Tracker Android
to check when the bus will arrive.

Arrival time of the buses can also be checked at bus stop

1) By Bus (this is the recommended method) :

MRT Houshanpi Station stop for bus route 270, 212Express (212直) and get off at Academia Sinica (中研院) Stop.

You will need to touch the sensor machine at both entering and leaving the bus. See How to get and use an EasyCard.

You can also pay bus fee without EasyCard:
1. Pay by cash, dump TWD15 coins into the glass bin (square shape) at front door.
2. When you arrive at destination and leave the bus, tell the bus driver that "I already paid" in English.

Note that, it took 13 stops from "Houshanpi MRT station (bus)" (後山埤捷運站) to "Academia Sinica" (中研院).

Bus stops before and after "Academia Sinica" are within 100 meters. If you miss the "Academia Sinica" bus stop, just take a walk backward.

Also note that, bus stop right before "Academia Sinica" is "Zhongyan New Village".

So, be ready to get down from the bus after you hear the bus speaker announce "We have arrived at Zhongyan New Village" (Yes, the announcement is in both Mandarin and English).

2) By Metro (In case you find that the bus will arrive late but you do not want to wait) :

MRT Houshanpi Station Bannan Line to Nangang Exhibition Center Station, exit 5.

Then cross the road for bus route 276, 306, 620, 645 and get off at Academia Sinica Stop (The bus stop is right in front of you, 11 o'clock direction ~10 meter, at the other side of road, once you step out of exit 5)

3) By Taxi :

Ask Hotel service to call a Taxi for you.

You may ask the Taxi driver to drop you at Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica or at side gate of Academia Sinica. See below if Taxi driver drop you at side gate.

Arrive at Institute of Physics:

The bus stop at Academia Sinica:

Post office and  convenience store at the bus stop:












You can pass through Post office or convenience store.

Once you exit from Post office or convenience store, Institute of Physics is at 9 o' clock direction, ~ 100 meter, at your left hand side.

Instead of entering the Post office or convenience store, you may go left after getting down from the bus, follow the sidewalk, until you see the side gate:

Enter the gate, Institute of Physics is at 9 o' clock direction, ~ 50 meter, on your left hand side.