Some useful Chinese sentences

Houshanpi  : 後山埤
Houshanpi MRT station : 後山埤捷運站

Green World Hotel : 洛碁大飯店 

(be caution, English pronunciation is very different from Chinese, in Chinese it pronounced as Lou-Ji Hotel)

Green World Hotel Songshan Branch : 洛碁大飯店 松山館
Green World Hotel at Yucheng street :玉成街 的 洛碁大飯店
Green World Hotel at Houshanpi MRT station : 後山埤捷運站 的 洛碁大飯店
Green World Hotel at Zhongxiao east road section 6 :忠孝東路6段 的 洛碁大飯店

(Note that above all refer to the same Green World Hotel. The hotel and Houshanpi MRT station is at the intersection of Yucheng street with Zhongxiao east road section 6, at Songshan district.)

Most people or taxi driver will not know the place if you refer them with "Green World Hotel" or "Green World Hotel at Songshan".

Actually, it will be easier to just tell people you want to go to Houshanpi MRT station 後山埤捷運站.
Most people will know this place.

Academia Sinica : 中央研究院
Academia Sinica road section 2 :研究院路2段  

(where Academia Sinica locate)

To Taxi driver:
I want to go to Houshanpi MRT station : 我要去 後山埤捷運站

I want to go to Academia Sinica : 我要去 中央研究院

Please stop at Post office of Academia Sinica : 請停在 中央研究院 的 郵局

Do not enter main gate of Academia Sinica, please stop at side gate after Post office :不要進中研院大門,請停在側門 過了郵局之後的側門。

(most Taxi driver have difficulty to find the route to institute of physics inside campus).

Note that if you enter the side gate, Institute of Physics is at you left hand side, within 50 meter.

Inside campus:
Institute of Physics : 物理所

Activity center : 活動中心

Post office : 郵局

convenience store : 便利商店

hi-Life convenience store : 萊爾富便利商店 

(the one at the bust stop)

Where is Institute of Physics? : 物理所在哪裡?
Where is Hi-Life : 萊爾富在哪裡?

EasyCard : 悠遊卡

I need EasyCard top up. (at convience store): 我要悠遊卡加值

I need EasyCard TWD500 top up: 我要悠遊卡加值 500元

I need EasyCard TWD1000 top up: 我要悠遊卡加值 一千元

restaurants, tea-shop, street hawker: 

no spicy 不辣

less spicy 少辣

more spicy 加辣

normal level of spicy 正常辣

sugar free 無糖

less sugar 少糖

normal level of sugar 正常糖

hot 熱

no ice 不要冰

normal level of ice 正常冰

deep fried chicken chop 炸雞排