Dining around Green World Hotel and Academia Sinica

1)  Around hotel

There are plenty of restaurants around Green World Hotel. Especially near exit 1 of Houshanpi MRT station (~50-100 meter from exit 3). Price is around TWD50-few hundred. Most of the restaurants here do not have English speaking staffs or English Menu. You might ask them for it. Usually, the more the restaurant looks fancy, the higher the chance that they have English speaking staffs or English Menu and accept credit cards.

If you like to try some local food, some recommendations here (blue box):

deep friend chicken chop howker, Jin Xian (lunch box), Taiwan style brunch.

And some other restaurants/hawkers along Yucheng street or Tonge road.

Most of them do not have English Menu.

Or you may want to try some local food at exit 1, some recommendations here (blue box):

12 hot pot or Formosa Chang Braised pock rice (ask for English Menu).

However, if you want to spend, you might want to go to Nangang MRT station (two stop from Houshanpi station, < 5 minutes) for better dinning experience. Above Nangang station is a shopping mall, go to 7-10th floor (TWD600-1000) or food court at basement (TWD100-300). Most restaurants at the shopping mall accept credit cards, with English speaking staffs and English Menu.

There are a lot of restaurants inside this shopping mall, especially 7-10th floor


If you need to dine at midnight, you might try 7-Eleven convenience store or try any hawkers nearby the hotel at that time.

All tea shop have English Menu, but not accept credit cards.

2) Around Academia Sinica

We will provide lunch on every day of conference. But you need to take care of the dinner by yourself (except banquet or reception dinner).There are limited choices near Academia Sinica, while you might have better choices at Nangang MRT station or Houshanpi MRT station for same price range. But if you insist to have dinner nearby, you may ask our staff for suggestions. Some restaurants here do have English Menu, you need to ask for it.

There are deep fried chicken chop, Indian restaurant, Pasta, Japanese style pock chop at this corner (Most of them have English Menu):

You may also find some restaurants at the this direction, the are several lunch box stores, vegan restaurant, Chinese restaurant, and also deep fried chicken chop (most often them have English Menu, you may need to ask for it):